Full Description

The Grapho-Deck contains 56 High Quality Poker size wax coated cards with 51 different personality trait descriptions and graphics on the face of each one. The other 5 cards contain instructions.

No aces and hearts in this deck of cards; just factual, direct, and logical personality handwriting traits.

Sold to customers in over 25 countries since 1992.  People have use them to:

• Memorizing the basic handwriting characteristics
• Getting to know new friends at a deeper level
• Understanding people quickly and accurately.
• Breaking the ice at parties and bars.
• The ultimate conversation starter
• The perfect “get to know you” game for a first date.
Look at enlarged images of the cards here:

The Grapho-Deck is shipped UPS (within the United States) with a 26 page Special Report Instruction Manual included. We now ship worldwide from our USA shipping center.

One Deck for $15.95 plus shipping
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One Deck for $15.95

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Best Value: Buy 100 Decks of Grrapho-Decks with white Special Report for as low as $6.52 each.

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