The Grapho-Deck – Handwriting Analysis Flash Cards

This is the original world famous instant personality test that is totally portable, embarrassingly accurate, and guaranteed to make you the most interesting person in the room.

(As read about in Maxim, Biography, Dallas Morning News, and London Times.)

Each deck of cards comes with this 44 page guide about the basics of scientific handwriting analysis.  You can purchase one or 12 at a time direct from the publisher on this site.  The perfect give pack.  Booklet + cards in each order. 

(Hint: This is very useful if you are a man looking to meet lots of pretty young women OR you are a woman looking to spot the right man and avoid the bad apples. It is the ultimate conversation starter and flash-cards for beginners at handwriting analysis.)

The Grapho-Deck is not sold in stores. You can only order yours on-line here. We do suggest you get our Grapho-Deck Level 101 Beginners Course, which includes hours of online video training and quizzes